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Politicians or Democracy?

I remember hearing many times that it's a free country, but not so often recently. Because it is not free, and it is becoming more restricted, more regulated, and more "ruled" than "governed" every day. Democracy..... where? Of course we are free to vote for who we want, or are we? No election candidates represent my beliefs or values. Instead they are all clones, minor differences only, and when they get elected those small differences become smaller still! And are these people representing us, or themselves? Once elected the snouts are drawn like magnets to the waiting troughs, the pontificating begins and immediately the voters who elected them are sidelined and forgotten. Personal beliefs take precedence, voters and electoral promises are pushed to the rear as they settle into their plush offices and study the rules on allowances (don't want to get caught out like the last lot!) Conservative, Labour, Liberal, makes no difference, the people who tell us to be honest, pay our taxes on time, don't drink and drive, obey the law, etc etc are no different to us. They are normal people with normal desires and normal failings, but with abnormal opportunities and privileges. How many scandals must we watch on TV before the silent majority get it? Allowances, bribery, taking penalty points, infidelity, drink driving - the list goes on. So what to do? I have my opinions but firstly we should all STOP VOTING......! Don't encourage them, really your vote is wasted and only when they realise they have no support is there a chance of change - not changing the incumbents, rather changing the system and introducing REAL democracy. My belief is that we have moved too far towards a dependency culture, a "nanny state", which has stifled people's attempts to improve their lives through effort and hard graft. We all want to see results from our labours, not encourage the ruling regime's profligate spending; or lose all our money paying ever-increasing bills! We need money in our pockets, not a penny off income tax or a temporary freeze on fuel duty. Tinkering with taxes and spending will get us nowhere, only radical change, going back to basics, will give us a chance of prosperity and growth. Give the people money, encourage them to spend, generate a feel-good factor, get things moving again, and banish the gloom and negativity. Strong government is what we need, strong but fair! Politicians who understand what their voters want, not try to deliver what they "need". They must represent their electorate and their country, not seek opportunities to introduce irrelevant change and more rules and regulations. 
On these pages are my own views, often irreverent, frequently politically incorrect, and certainly controversial. But grounded in logic and, I believe, sensible and easily understood. Let's get away from all the complicated laws and regulations, with pages of exclusions and clauses which only benefit lawyers, and make things simple, black and white, and above all REALLY democratic!

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