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Brexit or No Brexit?

For many years now we have suffered in the western "democracies" from little choice, bland politically correct policies and politicians who told us what we should want - not what we thought we wanted. And now in the UK after being promised a referendum on EU membership we are (not surprisingly) again being betrayed by the establishment, who of course know best. The Brexit shambles has just gone from bad to worse in two and a half years. Cameron has gone and probably still can't believe why he lost that referendum. But after a shambolic leadership process we ended up with May (a Remainer) in charge of the Brexit process - a sheep in wolf's clothing (since discarded). May promptly lost her Commons majority, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and now her fine words at the beginning have turned sour.
IF (a big if) we had implemented Brexit quickly and gone for what the people voted for, a clean break, we would already have left the EU but constant foot-dragging and backsliding by May has let the Remainers take the advantage and now as time drags on their initial defeatist attitude has turned to defiance. And THEY have the majority, not in the country but in both the Commons and Lords. Different groups of them are running round in all directions, doing everything they can to thwart Brexit. They are emboldened by the establishment outside Parliament which also is Remain oriented. And all of these people now tell us, the voters how we were wrong, how we need a second vote, how we must stay close to the EU, how disaster will strike if we leave. Most of these characters had previously championed democracy but no longer. The disguises have been cast aside and in full view of the electorate they openly defy the referendum result.
How will it end? Not well certainly. I voted Leave and won, if the vote had gone the other way I would have been disappointed but after a few weeks I would have got over it and life would have gone on. The same would have been true of the Remainers if the Government had pushed through a plan to leave two months and a few weeks after the vote, with no transition period just a two year notice. They would have grumbled but accepted the vote. Now however May's prevaricating has allowed the opposition to regroup and led to the current situation where Remainers are emboldened and trying to get a second vote, to try and overturn the first one. The country is now bitterly divided, nobody is happy and indeed many are angry and feel betrayed at the inept and traitorous behaviour of our politicians. Both sides are entrenched and the bitterness will be disastrous for this country for decades to come. Nobody knows the outcome but it will be bad if Brexit is denied. Those denied their democratic wishes will want revenge, firstly through the ballot box, maybe even on the streets. In the UK the left currently have a near-monopoly on protests, they have been doing it for decades. The right, apart from a few activists, have not yet mobilised the way they have in other countries. But this situation could well cause a backlash to make European protests look like Sunday School outings. We are standing on the edge of a very steep precipice, with the unknown stretching ahead of us and May, Corbyn and their quislings coming up behind us.