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As a Trump supporter I am saddened to see that, like all previous US Presidents he is believing the fake news spewed out by the Western media and so-called "intelligence agencies" concerning world events. They give no credibility at all to the words of governments they don't like, such as Syria and Russia, instead subjecting them to endless vitriol and not even bothering to check facts. To them guilt is assumed and proof amounts to the sworn testimony of a few terrorists. I note the one who was spouting lies and accusation on BBC for weeks a few months back on the BBC. He was in Aleppo, claiming the immediate genocide of all in the city, except of course he and all the others, once they had surrendered, were bussed out to Idlib. As happened with many other similar situations. Earlier surrender could have saved thousands of lives. Now he spouts his ridiculous claims from Idlib, again on BBC. Why so much credibility for terrorists, and civilians who have no idea who is killing them? Why no facts, why no (unbiased) interviews with the people involved. Syria is turning into another Iraq, where "weapons of mass destruction" mysteriously evaporated once Saddam Hussein was defeated. America hates to see facts get in the way of a good war, and now Trump too has been sucked in.
Syria's war can be stopped in a few weeks, given the will to do it. It could have ended years ago, easily! And many thousands of lives saved, the country not devastated. How? By backing Assad and Russia to defeat the terrorists. IS would need to be defeated, but they are relatively few when compared to the might which could be sent against them - they would fold very quickly. Without US or UK arms, or support the other rebel or terrorist groups would melt away without a fight. Assad may not be a democrat but for years he and his father kept the many factions under control, letting them loose and arming them was madness by the West. The same madness they promoted in Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq. These countries must be ruled with an iron fist, anything less and chaos results, which is what we have now. The many factions cannot live together, they must fight and kill each other given a chance, and if possible strike at the West too, killing is like a hobby for them. Even muslims killing muslims - they cannot help themselves! Support Assad and Russia, end it quickly and inter the trouble makers who cause the mayhem. Then the people, who want only peace, can rebuild their lives and their country. What is more important, a country free of war and murder or one torn apart by war in the struggle for democracy which it is not ready for?

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