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Is it really so difficult to get immigration right? Why is it that year after year, and regardless of who is in power, we still cannot get to grips with this issue? Other countries seem able to, so why not us? The latest Cameron regime efforts to reduce immigration seem to centre upon reducing the number of spouses and dependants of British citizens settling in the UK. Each year the application process becomes more involved and expensive, but surely the British regime should welcome these people, after all OUR government should be helping OUR citizens, not obstructing them in their efforts to enjoy a normal family life, with their partners and families. Why attack them, a small proportion of the immigration total? What about the hundreds of thousands of EU citizens who can come here to work and live without any link whatsoever to this country or it's citizens? These should be targeted, not people who have marital links! It is a typically stupid reaction by May to a real problem, which needs to be addressed with real action. How? Well, successive British regimes have got us into this mess and kept us there, the ineptitude is fairly evenly spread, and therefore to extract ourselves will not be easy. But what about (for a start) restricting social housing? Five years living in an area before you qualify for inclusion on any local housing list (for all - not just foreigners).  Points earned to take account of time lived in that area, plus of course extra points based on the number of children in a family, and their housing need. And either re-charging benefit payments to EU citizens to their countries of origin or restricting such payments to what would be paid in their home countries. Or only paying benefits after two years NI contributions. Several options here, and they should apply to all citizens, British as well as foreign, so no discrimination, just fair rules for all.
But immigration is not an evil thing in itself, doctors, scientists, nurses, entrepreneurs ......there is a long list of professions we need here, and if they want to come they should be welcomed with open arms. Such people, from whatever country, should have the chance to live and work here, if they are solvent and can arrange their own accommodation, without recourse to government assistance. What we don't want (from the EU or any other country) are the unemployed, the unemployable, and anybody who cannot support themselves, or has no link with this country (with the exception of highly qualified individuals).
Incidentally, on a lighter note many potential long-stay immigrants become short-stay immigrants after a taste of the British summer weather and exposure to our overpriced services and punitive tax system! But those will be covered in other pages!

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