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With the forthcoming general election in June 2017 the subject of burkas has been addressed by UKIP - no other political party having the guts to say anything of course. My view is very close to those of UKIP, we are the most spied upon country in the world it seems with cameras everywhere - so surely if our government is so desperate to watch our every move it makes no sense to allow full facial coverings. But for me that is not the real reason to ban burkas and face veils in public. The UK is more tolerant than most countries regarding dress but clothing such as the burka are extreme and not welcome in our country. We hold British values and we do not wish to see evidence of religious persecution and sexism on our streets. In private there is no problem, as with smoking, but not in public. Countries such as France and Belgium have already imposed bans and so should we. Western women visiting countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran must obey those countries rules on dress even if they abhor them. The same should be the case here, it is not a problem for women who wish to integrate, or those who wish to visit here, only those with extreme views or those who are ruled by their religions, families or husbands. If a person wishes to travel to another country he or she must abide by that country's rules, a situation which has always existed.
Additionally there should be no persecution of employers who wish their employees to dress in a normal British way, if attending a job interview or, if hired, wearing inappropriate clothing at work should not result in action being taken against an employer for any disciplinary action or refusal to employ.Subject to the employer not discriminating on race, sex or age they should be able to assess who they want and be allowed to state those reasons without the threat of legal sanctions.