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The so-called Islamic State is a nest of terrorists, a bit like Afghanistan was like under the Taliban. It is a cancer, spreading unchecked through the Middle East and now beyond. For too long the rest of the world has stood back and watched, just throwing a few token bombs to symbolise opposition to their barbarism. Time for a Crusade (they just LOVE that word!) to stamp out religious terrorism once and for all. Of course religion is an excuse, it has nothing to do with killing and beheadings. The IS murderers have nothing to do with the muslim faith, my wife is a muslim and does not even know the difference between sunni and shia (and nor do I). If she was in London on 3rd June, in the wrong place perhaps, would her faith have spared her? No, this is  not religion or even politics. As has happened countless times before somebody with ambition tries to gain power, this time though it is by brainwashing numbers of hopeless thugs and persuading them to attack and kill innocent civilians. They have low IQs and no hope of building a successful life for themselves, so are easily corrupted. The clever people are the ones left behind, Osama bin Laden and his cronies were not suicide bombers. But why not? If it is so good, what Allah wants, then why not join in? The organisers will never do it themselves, they want power and influence, not a one-way trip to the after-life!
Even after the massacres in London and Manchester politicians still talk, rather than acting. If such a thing happened in Israel the culprits and their sympathisers would by now be pushing up daisies. A sustained and uncompromising Crusade is needed urgently, a Crusade not against Islam but against anybody seeking to bring barbarism and terror onto the streets of any democratic country in the UN. It should be immediate and overwhelming. ISIS could be swept away in a few weeks with a determined and shared effort. They would be feeble opposition against well trained professional ground troops, they can only fight women and children, defenceless bound hostages and unarmed civilians. They would soil themselves if confronted by a handful of SAS soldiers. Without determined intervention this cancer will spread and intensify. It is now spreading to Europe and Egypt (Russian Airbus bombing) and unless challenged the IS atrocities will only increase.
We are fighting an international terror group with hot air and a few F-18s and other token contributions from US allies. There is no chance of any peace in the region while local corruption continues and western governments are only interested in getting from one election to the next. IS is not constrained by elections...... Rather than playing with them, a dedicated (and intensive) campaign using overwhelming force could cleanse their territory in a matter of weeks. Until such groups are dealt with effectively more will just keep being spawned, knowing they can always keep ahead of the feeble allied military efforts. And in the UK it is time to stop the politically-correct waffle and endless condemnations and take action to keep normal people safe. Internment would be a good start, the names of these scum are known and their histories. Get them off the streets, as recently proposed by UKIP. And while we are at it let's clean up the drug-ridden no-go areas in our major cities by locking up the gang leaders and thugs who make life a misery for the law-abiding residents who have to put up with them day after day. Less talk more action, or the list of casualties will only increase as these vermin are allowed to rampage unchecked.