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For decades Israel has been in the vanguard of the fight against terror. It is a democratic state, recognised as such by the United Nations since 1948. But since that time it has been harrassed, attacked, and terrorised by a succession of neighbouring countries and terrorist groups. For Israelis a state of almost permanent war is the norm. And this after what they endured in the WW2 Holocaust! They have endured and prospered, despite all attempts to knock them down, and their resolution will ensure this continues. They have the right to exist as a country, as all nations recognise, and as such they should also have the right to live in peace, as we have here in the UK. Would we tolerate rocket fire from a neighbouring country on a daily basis? Never, we would go in hard and root out the terrorists, and not stop until they were silent. And would we count the number of their dead, and make sure our numbers were similar, or at least not too low to make us look bad? Ridiculous, wars are fought to be won, and if the aggressors get a bloody nose that is their problem. If Israel always has fewer casualties than Hamas and other terrorists it is a testament to the professionalism of the Israeli military, in protecting their people.
Hamas are terrorists, pure and simple, part of the problem infesting the Middle East region. As such they should be condemned and eliminated. Until the terror stops there will be no peace or justice for the Palestinian people. Voting in Hamas to "govern" them was stupid, and brought only death and destruction. Hamas shelters behind the skirts of women, they are cowards and murderers. It is always them who break ceasefires with their rockets. And Israel always hits back harder, so it seems the Palestinians have a death wish. No rockets = no bombs, a simple enough equation surely. Until the terror stops nobody will talk peace with them. Even the Egyptians have cut them off now.
The west has held Israel back for too long, they deserve to live in peace as we in the UK do. So they need our support, not stupid criticism about "proportionality". About time the British regime found some backbone, sadly lacking in the Cameron years.