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Firstly let me say that what happened to MH17 AND the earlier disappearance of flight MH370 were NOT the fault of Malaysian Airlines, or their current employees. These events could affect ANY airline at any time. Although happily such events are rare! Malaysian Airlines and their staff were just incredibly unlucky, having previously an excellent safety record. I would fly with them tomorrow with no hesitation. They fly modern planes with highly trained and qualified crew.
That said, any airliner flying over an active high-altitude Russian missile system, manned by trigger-happy lunatics is doomed. At the time of the shoot-down the Russian BUK missile system and its Russian crew had only just arrived, they were unfamiliar with the situation and probably unaware of the civilian aircraft regularly flying overhead. They fired and immediately realised their error, a classic case of being trigger-happy. After that the unit was quickly returned to Russia and the operators "disappeared". They will not be found, although maybe they are buried somewhere in Russia, victims of tragic "training accidents", which probably occured while they were on "leave" from the Russian military. But the organisers are still at large, and they are the ones who must be tried, convicted of terrorist war crimes and executed. No amnesty, no cover-ups, only justice for the victims and their relatives. The trial should take place in one of the victim's countries which still has the death penalty to ensure justice. Mass murder of so many innocents demands the ultimate sentences.
Why was MH17 flying over a war zone? Same reason most other airlines were, it was considered safe by the authorities......NOT Ukrainian authorities, but the International regulators ICAO and IATA. Individual airlines take advice on such matters, they cannot have all the latest information, so these organisations keep situations under review on their behalf. Over 60 airlines including Virgin and Singapore Airlines were flying over the war zone regularly and had been for some time. On the day of the shoot-down over 150 flights passed through the danger zone before the airspace was closed. Singapore Airlines and Air India flights were near to MH17 when it was hit. Short range missiles and gunfire were no threat to high-flying commercial airliners, only low-flying military types. Any of these could have been targetted, MH17 was unlucky - simple as that! The high-altitude BUK missiles arrived on site just hours before, no time to get the information to airlines before the shoot-down took place. And MH17 was off-track, having routed to the north of the airway to avoid thunderstorm activity. Perhaps being off-track attracted the attention of the Russians below!
The authorities all know what happened, AND who did it. They point the finger and make generalisations, but they give few specifics. Why? Well, basically they want to keep their secrets and details of what they are capable of. But also the Russians also know where the West's bodies are buried! It is a political fencing game, all trying to blacken the opposition while trying hard to keep their own secrets hidden. And of course the main players Russia and America both have blood on their hands from earlier shoot-downs! Russian aircraft shot down Korean Air flight KAL007 in 1983 killing 269 innocent people. The Americans, always trigger-happy at best, negligent at worst, shot down Iran Air flight 655 in 1988, killing 290 innocent passengers and crew. In both cases the aircraft concerned were not positively identified as commercial. Shoot first, ask later was the way of it. The Americans, despite their high and mighty moral attitude, and the fact that the Airbus A300 aircraft was flying in international airspace and with a correct radar identification code (SSR Mode 3) did not even apologise for the shoot-down, just issued an expression of regret for the loss of life. Captain Will Rogers III of the USS Vincennes, guilty of gross negligence and mass murder, was subsequently moved to controlling a less-demanding desk, but essentially got away with his crimes. Both he and Putin have blood on their hands and should be tried for war crimes - maybe one day Putin will but Rogers seems to have escaped justice, having the power of the USA to protect him.
So until administrations change, or secret technology becomes public we must wait for justice for the victims of MH17. However, it is worth noting that justice for the passengers and crew of both KAL007 and IR655 was never forthcoming, so maybe MH17 will just be added to the list of forgotten (or covered-up) tragedies. The Russians meanwhile continue to use their military to attack Ukraine with little hindrance except from the outgunned Ukraine forces, the international community being totally useless as normal.
LATEST NEWS - October 2015
Now the official investigation confirms what we all knew - a BUK missile was responsible. No other explanation is possible and the evidence is published for all to see. Even the Russians agree! But of course all sides continue to argue about who launched it. That will be officially stated in time but for now (unofficially) there is no doubt. Russia plays for time, time to conceal or destroy evidence, and time for the political climate to change. Putin has his attention on Syria these days, and soon the west will realise that in Syria they will have to either support or accept his actions. So a cover up is on the cards, as always when larger state's international terrorism is involved.
September 2016
All now confirmed as I stated at the time, Russia was responsible, launch site identified, plenty of winesses (from the terrorist controlled territory) and even a list of suspects which is still to be narrowed down to pinpoint the murderers. And pictures of the rogue BUK transporter and the route it took into and out of Ukraine. Of course Russia still churns out denials because to admit guilt would be a huge and unacceptable loss of face, plus of course the guilty may well be so highly placed as to make admission impossible. Did Putin himself authorise the BUK deployment? They say the BUK used was old and retired from their inventory. Really? And can they produce destruction records for every one of their early BUKs which are now "withdrawn"? Unlikely I think! They are guilty based on the evidence and the sheer impossibility of any other story being possible. All we can hope for now is that the investigation currently being carried out by Malaysia and the Netherlands, presumably with other international assistance, identifies and NAMES the guilty as soon as possible. And they are quickly located and taken to their trials with no pussyfooting around. Legally or otherwise they must be taken to their trials and subsequent executions without delay, mass murder such as this demands action to deter any future repeats! Russian and American mass murderers of other innocent passengers from KAL007 and IR655 have previously escaped justice, this time it CANNOT be allowed to happen again.