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Margaret Thatcher


My Tribute

 A difficult task, to write a tribute to somebody who has left such a huge legacy both here in the UK and indeed around the world. But my small tribute to Margaret Thatcher will, I hope, join the many others and drown out the dissenting voices of those who have for many years sought to blacken her name. Those who have no vision of a bright future, only a mindless desire to cling to a flawed past. Margaret Thatcher was a visionary, she knew what she wanted and went for it, and now she has left us her legacy remains. She took on all-comers and won, handbagging those who opposed her, and defeated finally only by the weak small men in her own party, conspiring to stab her in the back and seize power for themselves. Before Margaret Thatcher I did not vote, after her treacherous defeat I did not vote..... she was the only person who inspired me to take part in the democratic system, the small men who followed only bend with the political wind. Margaret Thatcher put the Great back in Great Britain, dragged us out of the gutter and made us proud to be British once again. The sick man of Europe became the strong man of Europe. When she left power we sank again into the current malaise, a follower not a leader. And her legacy? Much remains and will continue to shape this country in the years ahead. And her enemies? Just look at the Labour Party who hated her, (or claimed to!) Did they reverse her industrial relations legislation? Of course not, she did what they could not, but once done how simple to vilify her but keep the new laws after the fuss had died down. The news has been full of what she did, how she did it, and the influence she had in domestic and international affairs. I cannot give more than they do, so my tribute is more personal, how I saw her, how she influenced me and my life. And indeed my distrust of politicians. A distrust forged in 1964 by Labour's destruction of the UK aircraft industry and confirmed in 1990 by the Conservative Party and their treacherous behaviour. The hypocrisy and fawning still fills the corridors of Whitehall, but now she is beyond it. Sad that her last years were plagued by ill health, but now she rests and her legacy will be discussed by historians for years to come. But for me she will always be the greatest British Prime Minister, the strongest leader we have had since Churchill, and a walking advertisement for all that was great in Great Britain - my hero!

Margaret Thatcher 1925 - 2013
Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013

17th April 2003 - A fitting and respectful funeral and a huge crowd lining the route to St Paul's, not the threatened trouble and demonstrations. Instead we were treated to clapping and cheering for all the right reasons as the people said their goodbyes. One thing missing I fear, the flypast. She deserved that, and to hell with cost, micro-managing a £3 million funeral while squandering billions in interest payments and benefits is crazy. Three million (-ish) to say farewell to somebody who saved the country billions? Pretty good value I would say, and what does it amount to? Probably the same as the country spends in just an hour or two on benefit payments! I know where I would wish MY tax payments to go! I was proud to be there, a very small part of something very much larger.