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What on Earth is wrong with the Northern Ireland police? Persecuting people for speaking their mind, attempting to harrass and intimidate British patriots, and stifling free speech. Not only that but sneaking across the Irish Sea to kidnap English citizens attending a police station lawfully as a condition of their bail. This is Great Britain, not a third world dictatorship. Although obviously PSNI have another opinion. And there is no check on this outrageous abuse of police power - the PSNI Ombudsman is not interested and will accept no complaints against his croneys. So with no NI assembly and a tame Ombudsman who will control the corruption endemic in PSNI? If they are allowed to continue as they are this cancer could spread across the rest of the UK, putting us all at risk. Freedom of speech is a basic right, as is the right to peacefully protest, something we in the west cherish. It sets us apart from the many dictatorships which plague the modern world. George Hamilton, Mark Hamilton and Drew Harris, the top men at PSNI are already exposed and under investigation for their "misconduct in public office and criminality that could amount to conspiracy to pervert the course of justice."
Obviously they have taught their underlings well, too well, and PSNI is now discredited and rotten to the core! In the UK we have for years been gagged by the politically correct but only recently have attempts been made to arrest British patriots for speaking their minds. Dragging people from Kent to Belfast, asking a lot of stupid questions, throwing them into cells, then sending them back again is stupid. They could have been questioned in Kent, to save time and public money, not to mention the hassle to the victims. The culprits involved in this kidnapping should face criminal charges. And their superiors, discredited and corrupt as they are, should be kicked out forthwith leaving the peaceful and lawabiding majority free to run their country as they see fit, without let or hindrance!