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 Since Margaret Thatcher left office the UK has drifted slowly but remorselessly back towards its old ways, so what better way to stop the rot and pay tribute to her memory than a new dose of privatisation! The people have had a belly full of austerity and cuts. The shares held by the government in RBS and Lloyds are discounted in their accounts as they are not likely to be sold any time soon, thereby giving more money to the free-spending Treasury. So why not sell them off at a discount to the public? Give a little back for once. Of course to give them free would be preferred but something free from our ruling regime....... that will be the day Hell freezes over! Strangely enough this idea has been kicked about by the Liberals (and doubtless hidden away by the Tories). Time to dust off the idea and give something back for once. 1p off a pint of beer (after years of above inflation price hikes) does not quite hit the spot.
Or how about another novel idea? Quantitative Easing - now there's a thing! What a good idea to print more money and send it out into the financial world to get the economy moving, except of course none of us sees a penny of it. Why not instead give everybody a tax holiday for six months, or a year. That would certainly generate that elusive feel good factor and give people some cash to spend on something more than living hand-to-mouth. Shocking I know, letting the people have something back, much better to give the help to greedy bankers or as foreign aid to countries such as India and Pakistan. It seems helping the individual has become unpopular again, taxing them to within an inch of their lives has become the norm..... oh where is our salvation..... come back Maggie, all is forgiven.