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As somebody with Russian friends and pleasant memories of my time spent in both Russia and another ex-Soviet country it is sad to have to admit that Putin's Russia has now taken on the status of rogue state, placing it on an equal footing with the likes of North Korea and Iran. The Russian people however, despite their general support for Putin, are not at fault. As in most countries politicians do what they want, not what the people want. And as Putin tightens his grip on power he now feels free to attack his enemies anywhere around the world, blatantly and with no attempt to disguise his methods. The recent attack on the UK, using and exposing local people to military type nerve gas, manufactured only by the Russian military, is criminal and warrants a case to be heard in the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Putin was given the opportunity to join the UK in hunting down the murderous vermin who committed this crime, he could have offered the services of the FSB and GRU to assist British police to bring them to justice in the UK, he could also hand over the killer of Alexander Litvenenko, one Andrei Lugovoy. The only reason for not doing so is his culpability so instead he lies and treats the UK with derision. For years now Putin has been arranging the murder of various opponents around the world, and invading surrounding countries such as Ukraine, Georgia and Crimea. Russian troops have been in action against Ukraine and have taken over Crimea by force. They continue to attack the Ukraine, diverting the Russian population maybe from their growing poverty and economic decline. Also of course Putin has blood on his hands following his provision of the surface to air missile system (and incompetent operators) which destroyed flight MH17 and killed 298 innocent civilians. Plenty of crimes to see him on a one-way visit to The Hague! The world knows of his crimes but for years they have pretended the problem does not exist. Russia is too powerful to confront, North Korea and Iran are much easier to tackle. Theresa May has finally taken action, albeit too little too late! The minimum required was to throw out the Russian Ambassador, or maybe break off diplomatic relations, possibly even closing British airspace to Russian flights and banning UK to Russia flights. That would have been a good start.
Russian people avoid being noticed if possible, they know getting noticed is not good for their health. I personally know a Russian woman whose husband, a businessman, was shot and killed in a hit outside Russia, the country is full of what she calls "wild" people, Russian mafia! The Kremlin is inextricably linked to these criminals, as is the FSB and GRU. The whole of Russia (and satellite states) is corrupt, a huge country impossible to control, even by Putin. We in the UK know of Russian oligarchs, most of whom made their fortunes when communism collapsed by doing dodgy deals to buy up state assets at bargain prices. Their dirty money hides in London, much of it supporting the inflated property prices and preventing ordinary British people from living there. Another potential target for our retribution following the nerve gas attack.