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Donald Trump, Brexit and EU?

At last it really does seem that in the west a wind of change is finally blowing, a chill wind for the establishment figures that have for decades had their own way and failed to listen to the wishes of the people. Yes we have had elections, many of them, but with no choice the results are the same, re-election for the political elite, more croneyism and frustration for the masses. Now we have two clear results where despite formidable efforts by the mass media, big business and the political and liberal elite the masses have prevailed. Brexit was first, a massive kick in the teeth for the establishment and the old-Etonians were quickly on their bikes - good riddance. Now in the USA Donald Trump has taken over, despite the frantic rearguard action by the bleeding-heart liberals and their thuggish comrades who rioted and destroyed property across the USA. Listening to interviews in both the USA and UK it is obvious the elite still fail to grasp what is happening, they talk now about having to work even harder to get their message across. That is not the problem, the message is the problem! For example Brexit means Brexit and they claim not to know what that means - it means OUT! Not half in, half out, not paying to stay in the single market, my vote was for equality not the cosy and corrupt EU. Equality for our Commonwealth partners who for too long have been ignored, their citizens unwelcome here, whereas Eastern Europeans with no links to the UK and often unable to speak even basic English are welcomed with open arms. Equality too with other countries around the world, whose citizens are unable to even visit the UK just because of where they reside! This blatant racial discrimination as practiced for decades by the UK, even prior to joining the EU, should cease. Work permits are a different matter, we should allow workers from around the world to come here and work, subject to our country's needs, and a properly thought out yearly cap. Refugees (in limited numbers) should also be able to come here and work until such time as it is safe to return home. Both of these categories should not have an automatic right to remain here permanently, only as long as they are needed economically. Although it is probably reasonable to allow long-term residents (say 10 years) to become citizens subject to certain criteria. All long-term visa charges should be drastically reduced to fall in line with those of other countries. And dependants of British citizens should be fast-tracked for spouse or dependants visas rather than (as at present) being bled dry by UKBA and being required to fill in 76 page applications! A degree in bullshit is needed to tackle such documents - blatantly produced to reduce immigration by spouses of British citizens while allowing immigration by those with NO family ties here.
And what have the EU learned from the political earthquakes spreading out from the USA and UK? Nothing of course, apart from the mass soiling of underwear the European elite is carrying on as before, not a hint of change, just more stresses building up until one day (maybe soon) the whole house of cards will collapse as EU countries join the real world. But what of the multi-culturalism which is talked of as being so wonderful in one breath and the cause of the revolt in another? My opinion is it is our ultimate goal, in years to come we will all be a light chocolate colour, free to travel as we wish, but this will only happen if we respect our own people first. Governments can no longer expect to favour outsiders to their own citizens without repercussions. Nor promise one thing and deliver another. The elite berate Trump and Brexit voters as uneducated and ignorant, well possibly some are, but many UK voters are so uneducated and ignorant that they listen to and believe the establishment scare stories and vote blindly for the same elite that keep them downtrodden and poor. So most likely the two cancel each other out. And educated people voted for Trump, as did racial minorities, same with Brexit - why? Perhaps because not all educated people are bleeding-heart liberals or old-Etonians.
Finally, what of Trump? He will shake up the USA and hopefully make some progress. Obama was the first black President and achieved virtually nothing. He was elected for his colour and as such the liberal elite revered him, but his legacy was what? He could not even, after eight years, close Guantanamo, one of his more famous promises, although that now is conveniently ignored by his liberal pals in the media. And he did nothing at all for the UK, he was never our friend, whereas we at least have a chance with Trump, who is somebody who may act rather than talk - we can only hope.......

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