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Racist, Discriminatory and Vindictive

And I could also have mentioned inept, incompetent oxygen thiefs! Of course most of the UKBA failings come from their puppet masters, the racist British regime, which will move heaven and Earth to keep out just one non-EU immigrant while bending over backwards to let in hundreds of thousands of European migrants with no ties to the UK whatsoever. This outfit is a shambles, employing illiterates who are incapable of reading a simple date on a visa application document (personal experience here!). And therefore with a few ignorant remarks added a £950 visa application is happily rejected without a second thought. One less immigrant to add to those terrible statistics, much better to let in a few thousand more Romanians. If anybody can enlighten me as to who the ECO "EQH" is in Istanbul I would be very grateful! They do not even dare put their own names to their shabby work these days - truly an organisation which is above the law, unlike their victims. Below are examples of their incompetent antics (there are many others). And what of justice? How can these people be allowed to ruin lives, persecute innocent people and operate above the law? Is Great Britain still great, is it democratic, are the people protected from these thugs (read examples below), or are we just cannon fodder. Sadly it is the latter, hapless victims of a bankrupt regime, our lot in life to just pay our taxes, roll over, and  accept whatever we have thrown at us. And if we fall foul of the system (by marrying a non-European for example) just pay your £950, £140 appeal fee, and any other expenses incurred during the nine month wait for a hearing, and think yourself lucky you live in a democratic country with free speech and human rights! Human rights - yes we have our human rights, if you can wait for years for your case to come up at the European Court - because certainly the British regime does not support our human rights here, only in other countries such as Syria. Here we are just numbers, statistics, to be used and manipulated as our "rulers" see fit........  

Examples of UKBA excesses :

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UKBA Racial Profiling

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