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Surprisingly the vote has gone in favour of leaving the EU, and the British people have rejected the scare stories spread by the establishment. They are fed up with being lied to and having their lives lived for them. Despite the hordes of economists and politicians, world leaders and others arranged against them the people did not waver. Life outside the EU will not be a disaster, the fifth largest economy in the world will survive and prosper. Of course short-term markets have suffered and the pound has tanked, but as nothing will change for at least two years they will recover. The British economy is still sound. Cameron and Osborne lied blatantly during the campaign and Cameron will leave office as a result. Osborne will follow and a new team will take the UK forward into a new and hopeful future. Boris will hopefully be our new leader, although maybe others will be preferred as the Conservatives no longer (after Margaret Thatcher) like strong leaders. Certainly the new leader must be a Brexit supporter to ensure the journey ahead is properly conducted.
The people have given the establishment a kick in the teeth, they are fed up with all parties except UKIP failing to listen to voter's wishes. Again and again they all make up their own priorities and tell us what we should be voting for. But this time the electorate said "NO - we will decide the issues this time". Cameron talked economics, the people talked immigration. And for the EU this should be a wake-up call, as across Europe the people are increasingly unhappy with being dictated to by the faceless beauracrats in Brussels. The UK may just be the first to exit, to close the open door left behind us the EU must reform fully, no more tinkering around the edges.
Although personally I voted to leave my hope is in the future a proper EEC-type organisation will appear, where we can once again take our place in an economic union of ALL European countries. It can be done given the will but for now the EU beauracrats are too powerful and until Merkel leaves no more progress can take place.
Latest news (Monday 27th June) is that already the Brexit campaigners are merging back into their former establishment positions. THIS IS NOT WHAT THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR! I think we all understood that the 350 million pounds was not all going to be spent on the NHS, it is obvious that previous funding should be continued and only the excess could go to the NHS. But NONE of the Brexit team can influence this, they are not the PM or even in government. They only ever told us what the money COULD be used for. Lambasting Nigel Farage for not implementing the "promises" made in the referendum is stupid and uninformed. Only the government can do what the people told them to. And if they refuse and ignore the clear message given in the referendum then the current disillusionment with ALL political parties and establishment politics can only worsen. We must reduce immigration, making it fair to all and favouring immigrants with required skills and those with family or other historical ties (such as Gurkhas). And we must leave the EU as soon as practical. That's it - no backsliding whoever eventually takes charge.